Nouryon Trigonox 131 Solar tert-Amylperoxy 2-ethylhexyl carbonate 70833-40-8

Trigonox 131 Solar tert-Amyl Peroxy 2-Ethylhexyl Carbonate CAS Number: 70833-40-8 Physical Form: Liquid Trigonox® 131 Solar is a highly efficient cross-linking peroxide primarily used for cross-linking encapsulated films (EVA / POE) used in the production of photovoltaic devices. Applications Trigonox® 131 Solar can be used to crosslink polymers at intermediate temperatures, typically 130-140°C. Trigonox® 131 Solar is recommended for demanding applications, such as

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Nouryon Trigonox HMa Methyl isobutyl ketone peroxide 37206-20-5

Trigonox HMa Chemical Name: Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Peroxide CAS Number: 37206-20-5 Physical Form: Liquid Trigonox® HMa is a special peroxide that is the product of choice for continuous sheet manufacturing processes. Applications Trigonox® HMa is a methyl isobutyl ketone peroxide (MIBKP) formulation for curing unsaturated polyester resins by themselves or in the presence of cobalt accelerators in the temperature range of 60-150°C. Trigonox® HMa can be used in combination with cobalt accelerators such as Accelerator N

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