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Organic peroxides are used as a source of free radicals in many industrial processes, such as polymerization, chemical synthesis and modification of polymers.UI offers a complete portfolio of organic peroxide types for use in all possible industries and applications, partly produced by exclusive, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. This includes typical standards and special customized details and mixtures from hydroperoxides, ketone peroxides, niobium esters, monopercarbonates, dialkyl peroxides, peccarboxaldehydes, diacyl peroxides and percarbonates.

United Initiators Superox® 7 Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide 1338-23-4

Superox® 7 is a general purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide primarily used to cure unsaturated polyester resins in combination with accelerators at room temperature. It is suitable for a wide range of processes including hand lay-up, spraying, casting, winding and vacuum introduction. The following are the main contents of the document: Product properties: Storage and handling: Handling and first aid: Spillage and fire: Packaging, transportation and means of access:

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United Initiators NOROX®MCP-75 Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide 1338-23-4

Product Description: NOROX® MCP-75 is a solution of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide and isopropyl phenyl hydroperoxide. Liquid polymerization initiator specifically designed for curing unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins at room temperature. Characterized by low exothermic peaks, longer gel times, excellent final cure and avoidance of in-plant mixed peroxides. Has very low levels of impurities including water, hydrogen peroxide and butanone. Typical Properties: Reactive Oxygen: 9.0%, Max Form: Liquid Color: Pale Yellow Specific Gravity: 1.10 (25°C) Flash Point (SETA C.C.): 150°F (66°C), Min Soluble in oxidizing organic

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United Initiators NOROX®MEKP-925H Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide 1338-23-4

Product Description: Product Name: NOROX® MEKP-925H Chemical Composition: Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide Physical State: Liquid Mixture Product Characteristics: Specifically formulated to reduce outgassing in vinyl acid resins for critical corrosion prevention applications such as gelatin coatings, barrier coatings and corrosion resistant structures. Low hydroperoxide levels often require modification of the resin promotion system to obtain reasonable gel times. TECHNICAL DATA: Reactive Oxygen Content: not more than 9.01 TP6T Form: Liquid Color: Colorless and Clear Specific Gravity (25°C): 1.10 Flash Point (C.O.C.): not less than 200°F Flash Point (SETA C.C.)

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United Initiators DTBP-50-AL (IBC) Di(tert.butyl)peroxide 110-05-4

DTBP-50-AL (IBC) Chemical name: Di-tert-butyl peroxide CAS No.: 110-05-4 DTBP 50-AL: A di-(tert-butyl) peroxide supplied by United Initiators. It is an initiator (free radical source) used to modify the rheology of polypropylene and the polymerization of ethylene.DTBP 50-AL appears as a colorless, mobile liquid, desensitized with high boiling aliphatic hydrocarbons, and has a molar mass of 146.2 g/mol. Areas of Application: DTBP 50-AL is recommended for use in conjunction with other peroxides in the polymerization of ethylene. In CR (Controlled Rheology)

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United Initiators DTBP-75-AL (IBC) Di(tert.butyl)peroxide 110-05-4

Product Information: Product Name: DTBP-75-AL (Di-tert-butyl peroxide) CAS No.: 110-05-4 Content: 75%, soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons Molecular mass: 146.2 g/mol Appearance: colorless liquid, transparent in color Main Component: Di-tert-butyl peroxide, desensitized by aliphatic hydrocarbons Application: initiator of high-pressure polymerization of vinyls Technical Data: Peroxide Content: about 75% w/w Active Oxygen (calculated value): about 8.21% w/w Desensitizer Peroxide content: approx. 75% w/w Reactive oxygen (calculated): approx. 8.21% w/w Desensitizer: aliphatic hydrocarbons Density (20°C): approx. 0.78 g/cm³ Viscosity (20°C): approx. 1 mPa-s Refractive index (20°)

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United Initiators TBPA-50-AL1 tert-butyl peroxyacetate 107-71-1

Product Information: Product Name: TBPA-50-AL1 (tert-butyl peroxyacetate) CAS No.: 107-71-1 Appearance: Colorless to light-colored liquid Contains approx. 50% w/w of tert-butyl peroxyacetate using aliphatic hydrocarbons (oleyl hydrocarbons) for the sensory reducing agent. Technical Data: Appearance: Colorless to light-colored liquid Peroxide content: approx. 50% w/w Reactive oxygen: approx. 6.1% w/w Sensitizer: Aliphatic hydrocarbons (Boiling point > 170°C) Density (20°C): approx. 0.84 g/cm³ Viscosity (20°C): approx. 1 mPa-s Refractive index (20°C): approx. 1.4

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