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Our main products include modified plastics, eco-friendly high-performance recycled plastics, fully biodegradable plastics, specialty engineering plastics, carbon fiber and composites, light hydrocarbons and hydrogen energy, and medical-grade polymer materials, totaling 7 categories.

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The company joins hands with many famous brand suppliers of new materials at home and abroad, such as Nouryon, BASF, Dow, Sowell, Jumbo, Wanhua Chemical, Tianma, DIC, United Initiators, etc., to provide high-quality products for customers.

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AOC Resin

LILENS RESINS (formerly DSM) AOC, a leading global supplier of high quality polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, gelcoats and specialty chemicals. Our products are widely used in automotive trucks, rail transportation, corrosion-resistant pipes and tanks, construction and infrastructure, marine and offshore, wind power, chemicals, recreational facilities, and many other applications. Product Name Chemical Structure Description of Application Properties Chemical Resistance ATLAC 380FP Modified Flame Retardant Vinyl Ester Suitable for a wide range of processes, flame retardant, chemically resistant, electrostatic wet fume dust collector ATLAC 382H Propoxy Bisphenol A Suitable for a wide range of processes, high temperature resistant applications, chemically resistant ATLAC 43

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Swancor Resin

Swancor Resin Vinyl ester resins and special unsaturated polyester resins, etc.-used in chemical industry, food and pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, energy, electrical and electronic industry, aerospace industry, medical equipment, etc. Product Name Model No. Vinyl ester resins SW/CH-901/901-P Low-viscosity vinyl ester resins 901-200 High-temperature-resistant vinyl ester resins CH-907 Phenol epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin 907-S High Temperature Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin 977 High Temperature Solvent Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin 977-S Terephthalic Acid UP Resin (Comparable to FC-963) 963 Accelerator 1305 Empty Dryer 1360 Vinyl Ester Resin Surface

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Enox Organic Peroxide

Enox Chemical Jiangsu Enox Functional Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in organic peroxides and chemical reagents industry. Since its establishment in 1997, the company has continuously improved its product quality and service level through scientific and technological innovations, and has been providing quality products and solutions for domestic and foreign users by taking customers' needs as the guide. Ready to cooperate with us? We are committed to providing customizable products and solutions to win the market and become the best service provider in the new material industry through professional technology, fast process and efficient execution. Contact Us

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Nouryon Organic Peroxide

Nouryon Organic Peroxides We offer a complete portfolio of hydrogen peroxide, peroxy esters, peroxy carbonates, diacyl peroxides, ketone peroxides, dialkyl peroxides, and peroxones under the brands known as Trigonox®, Butanox®, Laurox®, and Perkadox®. Ready to work with us? We are committed to win the market by providing customizable products and solutions through professional technology, fast process and efficient execution, and become the best service provider in the new material industry. Contact Us

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United Initiators Organic Peroxides

United Initiators Organic Peroxides are used as a source of free radicals in many industrial processes, such as polymerization, chemical synthesis and modification of polymers.UI offers a complete portfolio of organic peroxide types for use in all possible industries and applications, partially produced by exclusive, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. This includes typical standards and special customized details and mixtures from hydroperoxides, ketone peroxides, niobium esters, monopercarbonates, dialkyl peroxides, peccarboxaldehydes, diacyl peroxides and percarbonates. Ready to work with us? We are committed to providing our customers with professional expertise, fast processes, and efficient execution of

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Arkema Organic Peroxides

With state-of-the-art organic peroxides R&D centers and safety experts in Changshu (China), King of Prussia (Pennsylvania, USA) and Lyon (France), Arkema Arkema ensures local safety services by offering a comprehensive range of solutions for the organic peroxides market, and develops new applications for growth and innovative products. Ready to work with us? We are committed to win the market by providing customizable products and solutions through our expertise, fast processes and efficient execution, and to become the best service provider in the new materials industry. Contact us

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BASF currently has 28 major wholly-owned subsidiaries, 7 major joint ventures, and 24 sales offices in Greater China. BASF's business in Greater China includes petrochemicals, intermediates, specialty materials, monomers, dispersions & pigments, specialty chemicals, catalysts, coatings, care chemicals, nutrition & health and agricultural solutions.

Specialty chemical producers
Specialty chemical producers

Nouryon is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Industries around the world rely on its essential solutions to produce their daily needs such as personal care, cleaning products, coatings, construction materials, agricultural products, food and pharmaceuticals. With our rich history of nearly 400 years, the dedication of our approximately 7,650 employees worldwide, and a shared commitment to our customers, business growth, safety, sustainability and innovation, Nouryon consistently delivers strong financial performance. Nouryon has a presence in more than 80 countries around the world with a wide range of industry-leading product brands.

Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a globally-operated new chemical materials company that provides customers with more competitive products and solutions based on innovative core technologies, industrialized plants and efficient operation models.

Wanhua Chemical
New Chemical Materials Manufacturer

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We are committed to provide customers with customizable products and solutions to win the market through professional technology, fast process, efficient implementation, and become the best service provider in the new material industry.