RAL International Standard Color Card Electronic Edition

RAL is an international color system introduced by the RAL Institute in Germany to define the colors of paints, coatings and plastics. The standard dominates the industrial, commercial, building construction and design sectors and is in demand in almost all industries. The RAL color standard dates back to 1927, when experts from the German Trading Standards first developed a family of 40 colors. Since then, the RAL color palette has been continuously expanded. The company publishes color catalogs according to RAL, color cards with paint examples, develops and adds new samples. Red Colors RAL Code Name HEX Code RAL 3000 Fl

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Arkema EVA, POE or EPE encapsulation film modification additives

Arkema's peroxides for solar encapsulation adhesive films offer high purity, fast crosslinking, and resistance to scorch for improved crosslinking and efficiency, as well as excellence in energy savings and process improvement. Products include TBEC-H, TBEC-LC2, TCS, TP and TP-2, which can be used as desired.

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Nouryon Polymer Modification Additives

Nouryon is a global leader in the industry of free radical initiators for the production of thermoplastic polymers such as PVC, LDPE, acrylates and styrene. Our organic peroxides are also used to modify thermoplastics by reactive extrusion. The choice of peroxide depends on the type of polymer, the required reaction and the extrusion temperature. Controlled Rheology PP (CR-PP) Polypropylene produced with Ziegler-Natta catalysts typically has a wide molecular weight (MWD) distribution. This results in a highly elastic melt that is not easily processed on high speed machines. This problem can be effectively solved by adding special organic peroxides to the extruder to allow controlled degradation of the polymer. There are

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Nouryon Superconducting Carbon Black Ketjenblack

Nouryon (Nouryon) is the market leader in conductive carbon blacks. Carbon black is often used in polymers as a conductive medium. Carbon black is distributed throughout the polymer's structure, thus providing a balanced conductive effect and enabling the polymer to achieve a surface volume resistance of up to 1 Unlike antistatic agents, this conductive effect is not dependent on mobility or humidity. Our Armostat® range of antistatic agents provides excellent antistatic effects with surface resistances as low as 10¹⁰ ohm. For lower resistances, Ketjenblack® EC conductive carbon blacks are preferred. Our Ketjenblack® EC super

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Organic peroxides in rubber cross-linking: types, characteristics and limitations

Organic peroxides have a wide range of applications as crosslinkers in rubber processing. However, different types of organic peroxides have different characteristics and limitations in rubber crosslinking. Among them, the half-life and the type of free radicals generated by decomposition are important factors affecting the suitability of organic peroxides as cross-linking agents. For organic peroxides, their half-life should be neither too short nor too long. If the half-life is too short, there will be burning problems in the mixing stage; while the half-life is too long, it will lead to too high a vulcanization temperature or too long a vulcanization time. Therefore, when choosing organic peroxides as crosslinking agents, it is necessary to determine the range of its half-life according to the specific application. In addition, in the organic peroxide

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Arkema perovskites for solar PV encapsulation films

Solar PV panel structure, from top to bottom: frame/glass/encapsulation film/cell/encapsulation film/backsheet Encapsulation film is generally used EVA, POE or EPE (EVA and POE composite film), the encapsulation film requires good electrical insulation properties, weathering and aging resistance, and can be used for 20-30 years; Arkema perovskites can be used in the protective film Arkema solar encapsulation film with Peroxide products: Model Description Luperox® TBEC-H High purity (≥98.5%), low ionic content (e.g. CL-, NA+) Patented extended coking product of Luperox® LC TBEC-H; Lupup

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Nouryon has launched a new version of Butanox M-50 Vanishing Red peroxide.

Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) introduced a new version of Butanox M-50 Vanishing Red peroxide at JEC World, the leading trade event for the composites market. The new version contains a less hazardous dye solvent that allows customers to handle it more safely and reduce its environmental impact while maintaining its industry-leading performance. its environmental impact while maintaining its industry-leading performance. Vanishing Red is widely used by customers in the composites market as part of the curing process for unsaturated resins. As the resin cures, its red color fades, allowing customers to better monitor

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Nouryon has launched two new versions of its Perkadox GB-50 peroxydibenzoyl peroxide (BPO) curing agent.

Nouryon has introduced two new versions of its Perkadox GB-50 peroxide dibenzoyl peroxide (BPO) curing agent, which significantly improves the performance of composite products, including improved clarity and better corrosion resistance.GB-50 will replace Perkadox CH-50, a peroxide desensitized (or "sensitized") with dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP), which the EU recently reclassified as a Class 1B reproductive toxin. "sensitized") with dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP), a peroxide that the EU recently reclassified as a Category 1B reproductive toxin. "With Perkadox GB-50, we have created a DCHP-free alternative. In our RD&I real

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