Swancor Resin

Vinyl ester resins and special unsaturated polyester resins, etc. - used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical, environmental protection, energy, electrical and electronic, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields.

brand name model number
Vinyl ester resins SW/CH-901/901-P
Low viscosity vinyl ester resins 901-200
High temperature resistant vinyl ester resin CH-907
Novolac Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin 907-S
High temperature resistant vinyl resin 977
High temperature solvent resistant vinyl ester resins 977-S
Terephthalic Acid Type UP Resin (Comparable to FC-963) 963
accelerator 1305
Empty drying agent 1360
Vinyl Ester Resin Top Coat 901-PW
Primer Resins for Concrete CP95
Pre-promoted iron primer resin 984-M
Pre-promoted iron primer resin 983-M
Vinyl Ester Resins for WESP 915
Vinyl Ester Resins for WESP CH 915
Vinyl Ester Resins for WESP CH 915HOI
Vinyl Ester Resin for SMC/BMC 978
Tough tackifying vinyl ester resins 975
Pre-promoted mouse gray vinyl ester resin 901-P-6X
Vinyl ester resins 901-V
Vinyl ester resins with pre-promoted rocking variations 901-TP
Pre-promoted anti-sag vinyl ester resins 901-200TP
Low temperature scale resin 901-FLTC
Scale resin semi-finished products 901-FLTCH
Low foaming ground styrene type vinyl resin 901-LSE
High Temperature Top Coat 907-PW
Pre-promoted high-temperature mouse gray vinyl ester resin 907-P-6X
High temperature flake resin 907-FLTC
High temperature scale resin semi-finished products 907-FLTCH
High temperature flake resin 907-S-FLTCP
High-temperature pre-promoted high-viscosity topcoat 907-S-PW
High temperature resistant solvent-based vinyl ester resins 900
High-temperature pre-promoted topcoats 900-PW
Troweled Scale Resin 900-FLT
Flame-resistant vinyl ester resins 905-2
Pre-promoted flame retardant mouse gray high viscosity topcoat 905-2-TPW-6X
Medium Temperature Flame Retardant Sage Gray Trowel Coated Scale Resin 905-2-FLTCP-6X
High temperature pre-promoted flame retardant chrome green high viscosity topcoat 905-N-TPW-7X
High temperature flame retardant chrome green trowel coated flake resin 905-N-FLTCP-7X
Flame-resistant vinyl ester resins 905C
Medium and high temperature brominated flame retardant VE resin 905-N
Impact-resistant vinyl ester resins for molds 908
Impact-resistant vinyl ester resins 980
Vinyl Ester Pultrusion Molding Resins 903
High temperature resistant vinyl ester resin primer coating 917
Next, primer resin for PVC PVC-95
Medium-temperature pre-promoted trowel-coated flake resin 963-FLTCP
p-phenylene unsaturated polyester resin 961
Para-phenylene unsaturated resins 9601
Unsaturated polyester resin for double-walled tanks 9601-W
Marine o-phenylene resin 9231
Marine o-phenylene resin 9231-VP
Marine o-phenylene resin 9231-TP

SWANCOR 978 vinyl ester resin for SMC/BMC

SWANCOR 978 is a tackifiable vinyl ester resin for SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) and HSMC (High Strength Molding Compound). It has excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties. It has been widely used in sports equipment, automotive parts and corrosion resistant molding materials. Specifications Appearance Brown liquid Solid content 59.5±1.5% Viscosity*1 1950±250cps Acid value 20±5mgKOH/g S

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SWANCOR 975 high toughness and tackifier vinyl ester resin

SWANCOR 975 is a tackifiable, bisphenol A based vinyl ester resin for SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) and HSMC (High Strength Molding Compound). It has excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties. It has been widely used in sports equipment, automobile parts and corrosion resistant materials. Specification Appearance Light yellow liquid Solid content 56.5±1.5% Viscosity*1 2950±450cps Acid Value 23±5mgKOH/

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SWANCOR CP95 Primer Vinyl Ester Resin for Concrete

SWANCOR CP95 is a special primer resin for concrete lining projects. It provides strong and firm adhesion on both sides, which results in a strong, heat- and corrosion-resistant interface after hardening; its surface also provides sufficient unsaturated chains to enable the re-coating to form a perfect lining design with SWANCOR CP95. Characteristics Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid Viscosity 100-300 cps (LVT#3-60 rpm/25℃) Gelation time 5-25 minutes (55% MEKPO: 1.2%, 6% Cobalt caprylates: 0.4%, 100% DMA: 0.05%, temperature: 25℃) Storage

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SWANCOR CHEMPULSE 907 phenolic epoxy vinyl ester resin

SWANCOR CHEMPULSE 907 is a high performance phenolic vinyl ester resin with a light product color. In addition to excellent high-temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, it also has superior solvent resistance, and can effectively perform its characteristics at 180℃. Specifications Appearance: yellowish transparent liquid Density: 1.06±0.02kg/L Viscosity: 430±150 cps (LVT#3-60rpm/25℃) Solid content: 62±1.5% Gelation time: 15-25 minutes (55%MEKPO: 1.2%, 6% cobalt caprylate 0.4%, 100%DMA: 0.4%). 100%DMA: 0.5 TP3T, 100%DMA: 0.5 TP3T.

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SWANCOR 1305 Strengthening accelerator

SWANCOR 1305 is a specially formulated accelerator for vinyl ester resins that exhibits good curing at low temperatures and high humidity. Advantages SWANCOR Resin Curability at Ambient Temperature Temperature Range Curing System SW 1305 MEKPO 20℃ 10~20min 2% 1.5% 20~30min 1.5% 1.5% >30min 1% 1.5% 25℃ 10~20min 1.5% 1.5% 20~30min 1.3% 1.5% 20~30min 1.5% 20~30min 1.5% 20~30min 1.5% 20~30min TP3T 20~30min 1.3% 1.5% >30min 1% 1.5% 30℃ 10~20min 1.

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SWANCOR 983-M Pre-accelerated iron primer vinyl ester resin

SWANCOR 983-M is a modified vinyl ester resin primer that combines the high toughness of elastomers with the physical properties of vinyl ester resins, the use of SWANCOR 983-M will produce the following benefits. Characteristics Appearance: brown semi-transparent layered liquid Gelding time*: 20-30 minutes (customized according to customer's request) Below 10℃, 55%MEKPO3phr; 11-19℃, 55%MEKPO1.5phr; Above 20℃, 55%MEKPO1.2phr.) Applicable substrate: Iron Shelf life: 2 months (under 25℃) ) Characteristics Adhesion Strength (ASTM D1002, Test Rate: 5mm)

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