Nouryon Trigonox 239 Isopropylbenzene Hydrogen Peroxide 80-15-9

Trigonox 239

Isopropylbenzene hydroperoxide

CAS Number: 80-15-9

Physical form: liquid

Trigonox® 239 is an optimal curing system for promoting isopropylbenzene peroxide: vinyl ester resins.


Trigonox® 239 is a mixture of peroxides based on hydroperoxycoumarin. Trigonox® 239 has been specially developed for the curing of vinyl ester or phenyl acrylic resins in combination with cobalt accelerators. Trigonox® 239 successfully replaces commonly used ketone peroxides, such as Butanox LPT, with the following feature: the peroxide does not "outgas" when mixed with pre-accelerated vinyl ester resins. This phenomenon is often considered a disadvantage of ketone peroxides in vinyl ester resins. The use of amine accelerators is usually not necessary to achieve good curing and fast curing in thin coats and laminates up to approx. 100 mm thick. 6 mm and low peak exotherms in thicker laminates.

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