Nouryon Perkadox BT-50 Dibenzoyl Peroxide, 50% in DMP/TXIB 94-36-0

Perkadox BT-50

Dibenzoyl peroxide, 50% in DMP/TXIB

CAS No.: 94-36-0

Physical form: Paste

Perkadox® BT-50 is a fast curing 50% peroxide formulation; disperses and dissolves very rapidly in unsaturated polyester and (meth)acrylic resins.


Perkadox® BT-50 is used as a polymerization initiator for unsaturated polyester resins or pre-promoted vinyl esters. The most widely used promoter is dimethylaniline (DMA). The main characteristics of this product are the high resistance to external temperature fluctuations and the relatively short release time of the parts. Transformers must be aware that amine accelerators cause a yellow color in the final part. Because it is supplied as a paste, it is easier and safer to use than powdered dibenzoyl peroxide because it can be added directly to the resin. Perkadox® BT-50 is mainly used in pultruded profiles and plastic materials.

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