Nouryon Trigonox BPIC-CH75 tert-butyl peroxyisopropyl carbonate, 75% Odorless mineral spirits solution 2372-21-6

Trigonox BPIC-CH75

tert-Butyl peroxyisopropyl carbonate, 75% Odorless mineral spirits solution

CAS Number: 2372-21-6

Physical form: liquid

Trigonox® BPIC-CH75 is an initiator for the (co)polymerization of ethylene, styrene, acrylonitrile, vinyl acetate and (meth)acrylate. Curing agent for unsaturated polyester resins.


For polymer production: Polymerization of styrene: Trigonox® BPIC-CH75 can be used for polymerization and copolymerization of styrene in the temperature range 95-125°C. The polymerization process is carried out in a gradual increase in temperature. During the polymerization process, the temperature is gradually increased. For thermosetting resins: Trigonox® BPIC-CH75, tert-butyl peroxyisopropyl carbonate, is an aliphatic percarbonate for curing unsaturated polyester resins at high temperatures. Trigonox® BPIC-HC75 has been developed specifically for curing UP resin based thermoforming formulations (SMC, DMC, BMC, etc.) in the temperature range of 120 - 170°C. It has been used in the curing of unsaturated polyester resins at high temperatures. Trigonox® BPIC-CH75 gives the compound long shelf life stability. Trigonox® BPIC-C75 can be characterized as a faster and more efficient peroxide compared to Trigonox® C (tert-butyl peroxybenzoate). This means faster and more optimized curing with lower residual styrene content in the molded part. Combined with optimal low profile or low shrinkage formulations, very smooth and regular surfaces of molded products can be achieved. The decomposition products of Trigonox® BPIC-CH75 are low volatile compounds, which makes the peroxide ideally suited for products such as microwave cookware.

tert-Butyl peroxyisopropyl carbonate TBIC 2372-21-6

Tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate Trade name: Initiator TBIC English name: Tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate Chemical name: tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate Chemical structural formula: Molecular formula: Molecular Formula: C8H16O4 Molecular Weight: 176.2 Theoretical Active Oxygen Content: 9.08% CAS number: 2372-21-6 U NO. 3103 Main decomposition products: carbon dioxide, methane, tert-butanol, acetone, isopropanol. Safety index: Half-life (measured in chlorobenzene solution): 0.1 hour: 137℃ 1 hour.

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