Nouryon Trigonox 127 tert-Amyl peroxybenzoate 4511-39-1

Trigonox 127

tert-Amyl peroxybenzoate

CAS Number: 4511-39-1

Physical form: liquid

Trigonox® 127 is an initiator for the polymerization of (meth)acrylates and styrene.


Polymerization of Styrene Trigonox® 127 can be used for the (co-)polymerization of styrene in the temperature range of 100-135°C. The polymerization of styrene can be carried out using a combination of two or more peroxides with different activities. In practice, combinations of two or more peroxides with different activities are used to reduce the residual monomer content in the final polymer and to increase reactor efficiency. During the polymerization process, the temperature is gradually increased to ensure that the temperature required for optimal performance of each peroxide is reached. In this regard, Trigonox® 127 is often used in conjunction with more active initiators such as dibenzoyl peroxide (Perkadox L-W75) or tert-butyl peroxy-2-ethylhexanoate (Trigonox® 21S). In large-scale processes, Trigonox® 127 can be used to increase the polymerization rate.

Terpentyl peroxybenzoate TAPB 4511-39-1

Terpentyl peroxybenzoate Trade name: initiator TAPB English name: Tert-amyl peroxy benzoate Chemical name: Terpentyl peroxybenzoate Structural formula: Molecular formula: C12H16O3 molecular weight: 208.30 Theoretical reactive oxygen species: 7.68% Properties: This product is a light yellow transparent liquid with a boiling point of 124 ℃ ( 760mmHg), decomposition temperature 76-77℃. It can be diluted with the solvent specified by the customer. Insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, specific gravity (25℃) 1.036-1.045, refractive index (25℃) 1.495-1.50.

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