Nouryon Perkadox PF-MT40Z tert-butyl peroxymaleate, paste, 40% content 1931-62-0

Perkadox PF-MT40Z

tert-Butyl peroxymaleate, paste, 40% content

CAS No. 1931-62-0

Perkadox® PF-MT40Z is a suspension of 40% for room temperature curing of acrylic solid surfaces without discoloration. It is used in combination with Accelerator CTAS for room temperature curing.

Applications: Perkadox® PF-MT40Z can be used for ambient temperature curing of MMA resins. Without the addition of an accelerator, curing of acrylic resins begins only at activation temperatures above 90°C. For curing at ambient temperatures, Perkadox® PF-MT40Z must be used with a special accelerator. For curing at ambient temperature, Perkadox® PF-MT40Z must be accelerated with a combination of special accelerators. The most important advantages of curing systems based on Perkadox® PF-MT40Z are the absence of yellow discoloration and the lower residual monomer content compared to the results obtained with BPO/amine curing systems.

tert-Butyl peroxymaleate TBPMA 1931-62-0 (Perkadox PF-DBM25)

Tert-butyl peroxymaleic acid Commodity name: initiator TBPMA English name: Tertial butyl peroxymaleic acid Chemical name: tert-butyl peroxymaleic acid Structural formula: Molecular formula: C8H12O5 Molecular Weight: 188.1 Theoretical active oxygen content: 8.5% CAS: 1931-62-0 UN No. 3108 Einecs: 217-691-1 Type D liquid organic peroxide. Packed in Class II dangerous goods, rail and air transportation are prohibited. Main decomposition products: CO2, methane, ethane, isononanoic acid, 2-phenylpropanol-2.

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