tert-Butyl peroxymaleate TBPMA 1931-62-0 (Perkadox PF-DBM25)

tert-Butyl maleate peroxide

Trade name: Initiator TBPMA

English name: Tertial butyl peroxymaleic acid

Chemical name: tert-butyl maleate peroxide

Structural formula:

Molecular formula: C8H12O5

Molecular weight: 188.1

Theoretical active oxygen quantity: 8.5%

CAS: 1931-62-0

UN No. 3108

Einecs: 217-691-1

Liquid organic peroxide type D. Dangerous goods packing group II, prohibited for rail and air transportation.

Main decomposition products: CO2, methane, ethane, isononanoic acid, 2-phenylpropanol-2, acetophenone, isopropylbenzene, etc.

Security indicators:


0.1 hours: 142°C

1 hour: 117°C

10 hours: 95°C

Thermal stability data:

Self-accelerated decomposition temperature (SADT): 60°C

Critical temperature (Tem): -

Control temperature (Tc): -

Storage temperature (Tsmax): -10/25 °C

Activation energy E (KJ/mol): 121.20

Technical standards:

Appearance : White suspension

Color : 60APHA

Content : 25%


Due to the relative instability of organic peroxides, a certain amount of mass loss can occur over time. In order to minimize this loss of quality, AkzoNobel recommends a maximum storage temperature (maximum storage temperature) for each organic peroxide. Although temperature has little effect on the quality of Perkadox PF-DBM25, we recommend storing the product below 25°C to prevent delamination. Before using this product, it should be gently shaken. To prevent solidification, we recommend a minimum storage temperature of -10°C. Thermal Stability Organic peroxides are thermally unstable and can undergo self-accelerating decomposition. The Self-Accelerated Decomposition Temperature (SADT) is the lowest temperature at which a substance is likely to undergo self-accelerated decomposition in the packaging in which it is intended to be transported.The SADT is determined on the basis of a heat accumulation storage test. For Perkadox PF-DBM25 SADT:60°C

Fire protection:

1, the product may be due to heat and violent decomposition, will be violent fire, a small amount of product small fire should be quickly extinguished with foam or dry powder fire extinguisher.

2, the fire should be quickly withdrawn to a safe distance away and use the water gun park rescue, notify the fire department to deal with.

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