AKPEROX HC9-D tert-butyl peroxybenzoate TBPB

The product is mainly used for:

acrylic (loanword)

chemical name
tert-Butyl peroxybenzoate
614-45-9 3103 210-382-2 TBPB
AO (%) Content (%) SADT (°C) DILUENT
6,51 – 6,68 55
stickiness intensity exterior condition plastic bucket
4 (@20° C) 1,03 ± 0,005 (@0°C) Clear Liquid 25 kgs
cassette barrel (of oil etc) Storage temperature date of use (on foodstuffs)
(-) / (+25) 6 M
color metal content solid
- -
AKPEROX HC9-D has been developed to cure unsaturated polyester resins in combination with a cobalt accelerator (AKCOBALT 10%) in the temperature range of 60˚C, while higher applications are suitable for AKPEROX HC9-D plus cobalt accelerator cans such as synthetic marble, polymer concrete, fiber wrapping, and air-drying paints. The combination of AKPEROX HC9-D with cobalt accelerators and possibly amine accelerators (e.g. N,N Dimethylaniline) is also suitable for ambient temperature curing of vinyl ester resins. AKPEROX HC9-D cures much faster in these resins than the commonly used peroxide AKPEROX LPT.

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