Nouryon Trigonox 22-CH50 1,1-Di(tert.butylperoxy)cyclohexane, 50% Odorless mineral spirits solution 3006-86-8

Trigonox 22-CH50

1,1-Di(tert.butylperoxy)cyclohexane, 50% Odorless mineral spirits solution

CAS Number: 3006-86-8

Physical form: liquid

Trigonox® 22-CH50 is a special peroxide for smooth curing of unsaturated polyester resins at elevated temperatures and high temperatures.


Trigonox® 22-CH50 is a perketale 1,1-di(tert-butylperoxy)cyclohexane in isododecane formulation of 50% for curing unsaturated polyester resins at elevated temperatures. Trigonox® 22-CH50 is the preferred choice for UP resin-based thermo-compression molding formulations (SMC, DMC, BMC, etc.) cured in the 120-170°C temperature range. Trigonox® 22-CH50 can also be used in combination with highly reactive peroxides (e.g. Perkadox 16) as a blowing agent in pultrusion molding formulations in the 100-150°C temperature range. Since Trigonox® 22-CH50 is a perketale, the stability of this peroxide in UP resins is virtually unaffected by metal accelerators, pigments or fillers. As a result, Trigonox® 22-CH50 is well suited for colored and colorless thermoforming formulations that require a long shelf life. Trigonox® 22-CH50 is limited to low-shrinkage and low-profile formulations due to possible surface defects.

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