Showa RIGOLAC H-297 Unsaturated Polyester Resin

RIGOLAC® H-297 is an unsaturated polyester resin with excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and non-flammability. In terms of corrosion resistance, it has excellent resistance to chromic acid chemicals and chromic acid. 3. Typical Liquid Resin Properties Properties Unit Value 25°C Viscosity dPa/s 4.0 to 6.0 Curing Properties - - - - Co Nap 6% Partial Part 0.5 MEKPO 55% Part 1.5 Gel Time Minutes 10.0-25.0 4. Typical Mechanical Properties Casting-Curing Unit Value Tensile Strength 55 MPa Yield

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Showa Ripoxy FC-63EX Glass Scale Reinforced Vinyl Ester Resins

RIPOXY® FC-63EX is a glass scale reinforced vinyl ester resin with chemical and abrasion resistance. 1. Product Characteristics 2. Typical Properties Properties Unit FC-63EX Color - White Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.26 Viscosity (25°C) dPa-s 30.0~40.0 3. Precautions for Use 4. Storage Conditions Storage temperature should be lower than 27°C. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources such as steam pipes, and do not store in the open. . Suggested storage temperature range is 10°C-25°C.

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Showa Ripoxy FC-83 NS/FC-83 S Epoxy Vinyl Ester Scale Compound

Vinyl Ester Scale Compound Ripoxy™FC-83 NS WHITE EX (Intermediate Coating) Ripoxy™FC-83 S GREY EX (Top Coating) 1. Ripoxy Scale Coating The usual resin coating refers to a fiberglass coating formed by adding resin to glass fibers, typically 1-3 mm thick. in this case, however, the introduction of a scale coating. That is, scale glass is added to a liquid resin, which is mixed with the scale glass to form a slurry mixture (Ripoxy FC). The material can be applied to the substrate using a brush or roller to a thickness of 400-700 μm. scale glass is mixed with the

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Showa Ripoxy CP-819EX Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin Primer

1. Introduction Ripoxy CP-819EX is a bisphenol A type vinyl ester resin with excellent adhesion to concrete and good workability. 2. Characteristics 3. Liquid Properties 4. Working Conditions 5. Storage Period 90 days (below 20°C, in dark place) 6. Curing Properties Temperature / Composition Ratio / BPO% / C% / DMA% / Gel Time (min)

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Showa Ripoxy R-806DAEX Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin Primer

1. Introduction Ripoxy R-806DA is a primer for steel. Choosing the right primer is critical to the success of FRP lining.Ripoxy R-806DA was developed based on our research and practical records. 2. Liquid Resin Curing Properties Accelerator EX: Manufactured by Showa Polymer Co. 3. Adhesion Strength Tensile Shear Adhesion Strength (Steel-to-Steel) NOTE: The property values shown in this brochure are measured values and do not represent guaranteed values. Make sure that this product is suitable for the purpose of the intended work before using it.

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Showa Ripoxy S-520EX Brominated Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins

1. Product Characteristics RIPOXY® S-520EX is a brominated bisphenol A epoxy resin with high flame retardant properties. The resin is resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis, bleaches and organic compounds and is suitable for many chemical industry applications. 2 Typical Liquid Resin Properties 3 Cured Resin Casting Properties 4 Cured 3mm Reinforced Laminate Properties 5 Applications and FRP Molding Methods S-520EX has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used for corrosion-resistant FRP products for piping, towers and vessels. It is also used for lining steel tanks, concrete containers and concrete floors exposed to corrosive environments. FRP molding method

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Showa Ripoxy H-600EX / H-630EX Phenolic Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins

RIPOXY® H-600EX / H-630EX are products with excellent heat resistance, acid resistance, and solvent resistance in the lineup of corrosion-resistant resins manufactured by Showa Denko Co. They have excellent properties that offer unparalleled advantages over ambient temperature curing resins currently used for corrosion resistance applications. In addition, RIPOXY® H-600EX / H-630EX have good mechanical strength, adhesive properties and electrical characteristics. Curing condition: 2 hours/120°C. Composition: CM x 3 layers (CM: 450g/m2 cut staple fiber blanket) with glass content of 25-30%. Please note: This information is not intended as a guide for our

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