United Initiators CEPC Dicetyl peroxydicarbonate 26322-14-5

Product Information Product Name: CEPC Chemical Composition: Dicetylperoxydicarbonate Form: Flakes, Technical Purity Molecular Weight: 570.9 g/mol Main Applications: Used as initiator (free radical source) in polymerization reactions of monomers such as vinyl chloride. Technical Data Morphology: White, greasy flakes Peroxide content: approx. 961 TP6T (% by mass) Reactive oxygen content: approx. 2.691 TP6T (% by mass) Desensitizer: None Heap density: approx. 0.50 kg/l Melting point: approx. 55°C Critical temperature (SADT): approx. 40°C Recommended storage temperature: below 2

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Dicetyl peroxydicarbonate CEPC 26322-14-5

Dicetyl peroxydicarbonate Trade name: initiator CEPC English name: Dicetyl peroxydicarbonate Chemical name: Dicetyl peroxydicarbonate Structural formula: Molecular formula: C34H66O6 Molecular Weight: 570.9 Theoretical reactive oxygen species: 2.80% CAS: 26322-14-5 UN No. 3116 Einecs: 247-611-0 Type D solid organic peroxide. Packed in Class II dangerous goods, temperature controlled transportation, banned for rail and air transportation. Main decomposition products: CO2, cetyl alcohol, etc. Safety index: 0.

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