Nouryon Perkadox SE-10 Peroxydecanoyl 762-12-9

Perkadox SE-10

Didecyl peroxide

CAS No.: 762-12-9

Physical form: flakes

Initiator for the (co-)polymerization of ethylene, vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, styrene, acrylonitrile, vinyl acetate and (meth)acrylate.


Perkadox® SE-10 can be used for the high pressure polymerization of ethylene in autoclaves or tubular reactors. Due to good solubility in mineral oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons, the peroxide is easy to handle in pressure injection systems. Perkadox® SE-10 can also be used as an initiator for the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride in the temperature range of 60°C to 75°C. It can be used as an initiator for the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride.

Decanoyl peroxide DEP 762-12-9

Didecanoyl Peroxide Trade name: initiator DEP English name: Didecanoyl Peroxide Chemical name: Didecanoyl Peroxide Molecular formula: C20H38O4 Molecular weight: 342.5 Theoretical reactive oxygen content: 4.67% CAS No. 762-12-9 UN NO. 3114 Main decomposition products: Carbon dioxide, nonane, octadecane, nonyl decanoate. Carbon dioxide, nonane, octadecane, decanoic acid nonyl ester. Safety index: Half-life: 0.1 hour: 98℃ 1 hour: 80℃ 10 hours: 63℃ Thermal stability data: Self-accelerated decomposition temperature (SAD)

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