Nouryon Perkadox 16-GB70 Bis(4-tert-butylcyclohexyl) peroxydicarbonate 15520-11-3

Perkadox 16-GB70

Bis(4-tert-butylcyclohexyl) peroxydicarbonate

CAS No. 15520-11-3

Physical form: powder

Perkadox® 16-GB70 is a peroxydicarbonate for curing unsaturated polyester resins and (meth)acrylic resins at elevated and high temperatures.


Perkadox® 16-GB70 is a blend of peroxydicarbonate and organic desensitizers primarily used for curing unsaturated polyester and methacrylic resins in the temperature range of 140°F (60°C) or higher. Perkadox® 16-GB70 powders dissolve readily in resin formulations or styrene without the need for additional solvents. No additional handling or long mixing times are required.

Bis(4-tert-butylcyclohexyl) peroxydicarbonate BCHPC 15520-11-3

Product Information: Trade Name: Initiators BCHPC English Name: Di(4-tert-butylcyclohexyl)peroxydicarbonate Chemical Name: Bis(4-tert-butylcyclohexyl) peroxydicarbonate Formula: C22H34O6 Molecular Formula: C22H34O6 Molecular Weight: 398.5 Molecular Weight: 398.5 Theoretical Active Oxygen Content: 4.01% CAS No.: 15520-11-3 UN No.: 3114 Einecs No.: 239-557-1 Main decomposition products: Carbon dioxide (CO2) 4-tert-butylhexanol 4-tert-butylcyclohexane

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EFOX 160 Bis(4-tert-butylcyclohexyl) peroxydicarbonate

EFOX 160 is used for the curing of highly filled methacrylic resins, usually in combination with other curing agents with different reactivities, e.g. EFOX 30 (TBPB). AKPEROX PK 295 S50 or EFOX 10. EFOX 160 shows high reactivity at elevated temperatures, which is reflected in its low activation temperature and relatively long service life at ambient temperatures. EFOX 160 is mainly used in combination with low-activity peroxides to ensure a good final cure. These peroxide combinations can be successfully used in applications that require long gelling times at room temperature and fast curing at high temperatures between 60°C and 140°C. The application areas can be in-situ curing. Applications can be cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), pultrusion molding, filament winding, artificial marble manufacturing. The following dosage levels are recommended depending on working conditions: EFOX 160 by itself: 1.0 to 2.0 phr EFOX 160 as a foamer: 0.5 to 1.0 phr

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