Nouryon Nourymix SP E60 Erucamide 112-84-5; 9003-07-0

Nourymix SP E60

Chemical name: Erucic acid amide

CAS Number: 112-84-5; 9003-07-0

Physical form: granules

Nourymix® SP E60 is a universal slip and anti-tack additive for PP applications.


Nourymix® SP-E60 is a solid, high concentrate consisting of 60% Erucamide, a vegetable-based slip enhancing and anti-tack additive on a polypropylene carrier. Nourymix® SP-E60 provides excellent slip. It improves processing behavior and final performance by reducing friction and adhesion. Nourymix® SP-E60 consists of free-flowing, non-dusting, non-seeping and non-caking solid particles. The recommended additive level for Nourymix® SP-E60 is 0.08-0.33%.

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