Arkema LUPEROX® TAH85 Tertiary amyl hydroperoxide TAHP 3425-61-4

Product Name: LUPEROX® TAH85

Chemical name: Pentyl hydroperoxide

CAS No.: 3425-61-4

Product Description:

Luperox® TAH85 is an aqueous tertiary amyl hydroperoxide solution of 85%.

Physical form:

Colorless to slightly yellow liquid

Pivaloyl hydroperoxide TAHP 3425-61-4

Safety indicators: Half-life (measured in pure product): 0.1 hours: 202 ℃ 1 hour: 183 ℃ 10 hours: 165 ℃ Self-accelerated decomposition temperature (SADT): 80 ℃ Alarm temperature (Tem): 75 ℃ Control temperature (T)

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Arkema Luperox® TAH tert-Amyl Hydrogen Peroxide TAHP 3425-61-4

Luperox® TAH polymeric initiator is available as an aqueous and organic solvent solution of 75% or 85% active weight. Luperox® TAH has the highest reactive oxygen content of any tertiary amyl initiator and is water soluble, making it ideal for aqueous acrylic synthesis. The tert-amyl radical is also very effective, providing improved monomer conversion and narrower polydispersity.

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United Initiators TAHP-88 Tertiary amyl hydroperoxide 3425-61-4

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: TAHP-88 is a colorless, fluid liquid containing approximately 881 TP6T of tertiary amyl hydroperoxide, desensitized by water. It is mainly used in polymerization reactions of monomers, especially in emulsion polymerization processes, such as the polymerization of vinyl acetate or (meth)acrylate. Technical Data: Appearance: colorless liquid. Desensitizer: water. Content determination: approx. 881 TP6T w/w. Active Oxygen (AO): approx. 13.51 TP6T w/w. Density at 20°C: approx. 0.92 g/cm³. Viscosity at 20°C: approx. 5.2 mPa-s Refractive index at 20°C: approx. 1.41 Flash point: approx. 47°C

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