Arkema Luperox® TAEC tert-amyl peroxy (2-ethylhexyl) carbonate TAEC 70833-40-8

Product Name: Luperox® TAEC Polymer Initiator

Chemical name: tert-Amyl peroxy(2-ethylhexyl)carbonate Abbreviation: TAEC

CAS No.: 70833-40-8

Product Description:

Luperox® TAEC polymer initiator is a tertiary amyl initiator for the synthesis of expandable polystyrene. The non-aromatic chemistry makes it a good alternative to tert-butyl peroxybenzoate in food contact applications. Luperox® TAEC also produces a very effective free radical that improves monomer conversion, reduces residual styrene and improves grafting efficiency.

Terpentyl peroxy (2-ethylhexyl) carbonate TAEC 70833-40-8

Terpentyl peroxy (2-ethylhexyl) carbonate Trade name: initiator TAEC English name: Tert-Amylperoxy 2-ethylhexyl carbonate Chemical name: tert-butyl peroxycarbonate-2-ethylhexanoate Chemical structure formula: Molecular formula: C14H28O4 Molecular Weight: 260.4 Theoretical Active Oxygen Content: 6.141 TP3T CAS No.: 70833-40-8 UN No. 3105 Level: 5.2 D liquid organic peroxide. Main decomposition products: tert-amyl alcohol, 2-ethylhexanol, CO2, etc. Safety Indicators:

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United Initiators CUROX®SOLAR AC3 Peroxy (2-ethylhexyl) pivaloyl carbonate 70833-40-8

Product Description: CUROX ® SOLAR AC3 is a colorless liquid, the main component of which is technically pure tert. Amyllperoxy-(2- ethyl-hexyl)carbonate. It is a thermally stabilized monoperoxycarbonate, which is mainly used as an initiator (free radical source) for crosslinked Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (EVA) or Polyolefin Elastomer (POE). Technical Data: Appearance: colorless Peroxide content: approx. 981 TP6T w/w Reactive oxygen: approx. 6.141 TP6T w/w No desensitizer Density (20°C): approx. 0.92 g/kg.

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United Initiators TAPEHC Peroxy (2-ethylhexyl) pivaloyl carbonate 70833-40-8

Product Description: TAPEHC is a colorless liquid composed mainly of technically pure tert.Amylperoxy-(2-ethylhexyl) carbonate. It is a thermally stable monoperoxycarbonate used as an initiator (source of free radicals) in the curing of polymers (SM), unsaturated polyester resins (UP), and crosslinking of polymers (EVA). Technical Data: Appearance: Colorless Technical Data: Appearance: colorless Peroxide content: approx. 981 TP6T w/w Reactive oxygen: approx. 6.141 TP6T w/w No desensitizer Density (20°C): approx. 0.92 g/cm³ Hazen: max. 30 Hz

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