Nouryon Laurox Dilauroyl Peroxide LPO 105-74-8

Product Name:Laurox

Chemical Name: Dilauroyl Peroxide

  • CAS Number: 105-74-8
  • EINECS/ELINCS number: 203-326-3
  • TSCA Status: Listed on the list
  • molecular mass: 398.6 g/mol
  • Active oxygen content: 4.01%


  • exterior condition: White powder without any pollution
  • purity: ≥ 99.0 %
  • Particle size: > 1 mm ≤ 5 %, > 2 mm – %
  • Bulk density: 460 kg/m³
  • Melting point: 54 °C


Polymerization of vinyl chloride
  • temperature range: 60-80°C
  • effect: Used as an initiator for suspension and bulk polymerization of vinyl chloride
  • With the use of: Can be used with other highly active peroxides (such as peroxydicarbonates Perkadox 16) are used in combination to improve the reactivity
polymerization of vinyl
  • effect: Used as an initiator for high pressure ethylene polymerization
  • caveat: Due to its low solubility in most aliphatic solvents, it is often treated with bis(3,5,5-trimethylacetyl)peroxide (Trigonox 36)replace
  • vantage: Can be stored at room temperature
Acrylate and methacrylate polymerization
  • temperature range: 60-90°C
  • effect: Used as an initiator for the polymerization of methacrylates
  • Common substitutes: 2,2′-azobisisobutyronitrile (Perkadox AIBN

Thermosetting composite materials

  • effect: Used as an initiator to cure acrylic solid surfaces at elevated temperatures

Half-life data

  • Half-life in chlorobenzene:
    • 0.1 hour at 99°C
    • 1 hour at 79°C
    • 10 hours at 61°C
  • formula:
    • kd = A·e-Ea/RT
    • t½ = (ln2)/kd
    • Ea = 123.37 kJ/mole
    • A = 3.92E+14 s⁻¹
    • R = 8.3142 J/mole·K
    • T = (273.15+°C) K

thermal stability

  • Self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT)Temperature: 50°C
  • methodologies: Based on the "Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Manual of Tests and Criteria"


  • Maximum storage temperature: 30°C
  • Quality assurance period: At least 3 months (under recommended conditions)

Packaging and transportation

  • Standard Packaging: 25 kg cardboard box
  • Transport Classification: Organic peroxide, class D, solid, class 5.2, UN 3106

Security and handling

  • Storage and handling recommendations: Keep container tightly closed in a dry, well-ventilated place away from heat, ignition sources and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with reducing agents, acids, alkalis and heavy metal compounds.

Main decomposition products

  • Carbon dioxide, docosane, undecane, undecyl dodecanoate

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Lauroyl peroxide LPO 105-74-8

Dilauroyl peroxide Trade name: initiator LPO English name: Dilauroyl peroxide Chemical name: Dilauroyl peroxide Chemical structure formula: Molecular formula: C24H46O4 molecular weight: 398.6 Theoretical reactive oxygen content: 4.01% CAS: 105-74-8 Einecs: 203-326-3 Main decomposition products CO2, laurate Safety Indicators: Half-life (measured in chlorobenzene solution): 0.1 hr: 99°C 1 hr: 79°C 10 hr: 61°C Thermal Stability Data: Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT)

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Arkema Luperox® LP Dilauroyl Peroxide Initiator Dilauroyl Peroxide LPO 105-74-8

Luperox® LP Lauroyl peroxide is one of two environmentally controlled temperature peroxides with a very fast half-life marketed worldwide by Arkema (the other is Luperox® A75 benzoyl peroxide powder). Dilauroyl peroxide can be used for PVC production in suspension or micro-suspension processes. While it is permissible to ship Luperox® LP Dilauroyl Peroxide at ambient temperature, storage at 40°F is recommended to maintain quality.

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Enox LPO-98 Dilauroyl peroxide 105-74-8

Chemical Name Dilauroyl Peroxide CAS-No: 105-74-8 C24H46O4=398.6 Introduction: Enox® LPO-98 is a white powdery solid, a diacyl organic peroxide. It is used for the (co-)polymerization of styrene, ethylene, vinyl chloride, acrylates and methacrylates. Safety data Self-accelerated decomposition temperature (SADT): 50 ℃ United Nations No. (UN-No): 3106 China Hazardous Chemical No. (CN-No): 52044 Physical and chemical properties State: solid Theoretical reactive oxygen content: 4.01% Main quality indicators Appearance

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