tert-Butyl peroxyisobutyrate TBPI 109-13-7

tert-Butyl peroxyisobutyrate

Trade name: Initiators TBPI

English name: Tert-Butyl peroxyisobutyrate

Chemical name: tert-butyl peroxyisobutyrate 

Structural formula:

Molecular formula: C8H16O3

Molecular weight: 160.2

Theoretical active oxygen content: 9.99%

CAS: 109-13-7

Einecs: 203-650-5

Main decomposition products: CO2, tert-butanol, propane, propylene, 2-isopropyl-2-methylpropane.

Security indicators:

Half-life (measured in chlorobenzene solution):

0.1 hours: 118°C

1 hour: 98°C

10 hours: 79°C

Thermal stability data:

Self-accelerated decomposition temperature (SADT): 30°C

Critical temperature (Tem): 20°C

Control temperature (Tc): 15℃

Storage temperature (Tsmax): -/10 °C

Technical standards: 

Appearance: Clear liquid

Content: 50.0 ± 1.0%

Chroma:< 20 Pt-Co TBHP content:< 0.1% Inorganic and organic hydrolyzable chlorine:<100mg>

United Initiators TBPIB-50-AL tert-butyl peroxyisobutyrate 109-13-7

Product Information: Product Name: TBPIB-50-AL (tert-butyl peroxyisobutyrate) CAS No.: 109-13-7 Molecular Mass: 160.2 g/mol 50% Concentration, soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons Product Description: Appearance: Colorless flowing liquid Contains approximately 50% w/w tert-butyl peroxyisobutyrate, using aliphatic hydrocarbons for the sensory reducing agent. Technical data: Appearance: Colorless liquid Peroxide content: approx. 50% w/w Reactive oxygen: approx. 5.04% w/w Sensitizer: Aliphatic hydrocarbons Density (20°C): approx. 0.82 g/cm³ Viscosity (20°C): approx. 1 mPa-

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