United Initiators DCUP Dicumyl peroxide 80-43-3

Name: DCUP CAS No.: 80-43-3 Form: Powder, technically pure Molar mass: 270.4 g/mol Description: White or slightly yellowish powder, mainly composed of technically pure propylbenzene peroxide. Used as initiator (source of free radicals) for the polymerization of monomers such as styrene. Used as a synergist in flame retardants for expanded polystyrene (EPS). Technical Data: Appearance: Almost white crystalline powder. Peroxide content: approx. 99.5% w/w. Reactive oxygen content: approx. 5.89% w/w. Inhibitors: none. Solubility: Soluble in acetone, aromatic solvents, alcohols and esters.

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