United Initiators SUCP-70-W Disuccinoyl peroxide 123-23-9

Product Information Product Name:SUCP-70-W Chemical Name:Succinic Acid Peroxide CAS No.:123-23-9 Content:70% Morphology:White powder, containing technically pure peroxide of bis-succinic acid, which is desensitized by water treatment. Uses: Used as initiator of monomer polymerization reaction, mainly used in emulsion polymerization of fluoroethylene. Technical data Appearance: White powder Peroxide content: approx. 70% Reactive oxygen content: approx. 4.78% Desensitizer: water Stacking density: approx. 0.45 kg/l Critical temperature (SADT): approx. 30°C Recommended storage temperature: below -10°C Storage stability (active)

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