Arkema Luperox® 554M75 tert-Amyl Peroxypivalate TAPP 29240-17-3

Product Name: Luperox® 554M75 Polymer Initiator

Chemical name: tert-amyl peroxyneopentanoate Abbreviation: TAPP

CAS No.: 29240-17-3

Product Description:

Luperox® 554M75 polymer initiator is a tertiary amyl organic peroxide used in the manufacture of LDPE, PVC and acrylic resins. Luperox® 554M75 polymer initiator generates a large number of low-energy free radicals. This feature makes it a viable alternative to azo initiators.

Pentyl peroxypivalate TAPV 29240-17-3

Pivalate peroxypivalate Trade name: Initiator TAPV English name: Tert-Amyl peroxy pivalate Chemical name: Pivalate peroxypivalate Structural formula: Molecular formula: Molecular Weight: C10H20O3 Molecular Weight: 188.3 Theoretical Active Oxygen Quantity: 8.5% CAS: 29240-17-3 UN No. 3113 Level: 5.2 C liquid organic peroxide, temperature controlled transportation. PROPERTY: It is colorless transparent oily liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, freezing point below -23℃. Viscosity (-10℃): 2.1mPa.s

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