Nouryon Armostat 1800 Octadecylbis(2-hydroxyethyl)amine 10213-78-2

Armostat 1800

Chemical name: octadecylbis(2-hydroxyethyl)amine

CAS Number: 10213-78-2

Physical form: solid

Stearic acid-based internal antistatic agent for various polymers such as PE, LLDPE, PP, SAN, and ABS.


Armostat® 1800 is a vegetable-based saturated alkyl (C16-C18) bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amine. Armostat® 1800 is an internal antistatic additive that can be used in a variety of polymers such as PE, LLDPE, PP, SAN and ABS. Armostat® 1800 has a long-lasting antistatic effect and excellent thermal stability due to its saturated alkyl chain. This makes Armostat® 1800 particularly suitable for applications requiring higher processing temperatures. Armostat® 1800 is solid at ambient temperature. When heated at 60-65°C, Armostat® 1800 can be added directly to the polymer as a liquid using single or twin screw extruders. Pigments or masterbatches should be mixed with the antistatic agent prior to extrusion. Pre-mixing ensures that Armostat® 1800 is evenly distributed in the resin, and Armostat® 1800 can be used as a dispersing aid for pigment pastes.

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