Arkema LUPEROX® 570 2-Methylbutan-2-yl 3,5,5-Trimethylperoxyhexanoate 68860-54-8

Product name: LUPEROX® 570

Chemical name: 2-methylbutan-2-yl 3,5,5-trimethylperoxyhexanoate

CAS No.: 68860-54-8

Product Description:

Luperox® 570 is an industrially pure tert-pentyl peroxy 3,5,5-trimethylhexanoate of 96%.

Physical form:

Clear Liquid

We offer our products for sale in mainland China (in compliance withRegulations on the Administration of Internet Sales of Hazardous Chemicals ) and some of the products of the global export services, providing dangerous goods packaging containers, "outbound dangerous goods transportation packaging use identification results list", "outbound cargo inspection and quarantine" and other export procedures.
We have experience in exporting hazardous chemicals, including Class 5.2 Dangerous Goods with Cold Chain Transportation Products, Class 3 Dangerous Goods and Class 9 Dangerous Goods, etc., and have exported to the United States of America, Russia, Turkey, India, Ukraine and other countries.

AKPEROX ZZ350 Acetylacetone peroxide and tertiary amyl peroxide 3,5,5-trimethylhexanoate MIXTYPE

At room or elevated temperatures, AKPEROX ZZ 350 achieves extremely fast curing, which means shorter cycle times and thus increased productivity. Its formulation guarantees a better cure than common acetylacetone peroxides; this results in low residual styrene and non-tacky surface GRP products. The product has been specifically studied for continuous processes, such as continuous filament winding of GRP pipes. It is also suitable for centrifugal casting and sheet lamination.

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