Nouryon Butanox P-50 Methyl isopropyl ketone peroxide 33373-82-7, 13921-99-8

Butanox P-50

Methyl isopropyl ketone peroxide

CAS No. 33373-82-7, 13921-99-8

Physical form: liquid

Butanox® P-50 is a special peroxide ketone for fast curing of laminates and gelcoats.


Butanox® P-50 is a highly reactive methyl isopropyl ketone peroxide (MIPKP) for optimal curing of unsaturated polyester resins in the presence of cobalt accelerators at room and elevated temperatures. The Butanox® P-50/Cobalt accelerator curing system is particularly suitable for curing gelcoat resins and laminating resins used in the production of boat hulls, decking components, truck panels, automotive panels or sanitary ware products. Practical experience has proven that by ensuring a low water content and the absence of polar compounds in Butanox® P-50, this peroxide is well suited for use in GRP products for demanding end markets such as marine applications (shipbuilding).

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