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AOC SYNOLITE 8488-G-2 Low Viscosity Vacuum Imported Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Chemical/Physical Properties Synolite™ 8488-G-2 is a low viscosity polyester resin. It is particularly recommended for vacuum-assisted resin injection molding. Major Applications Synolite™ 8488-G-2 is particularly well suited for marine applications. Key Properties Synolite™ 8488-G-2 is a DCPD pre-promoted unsaturated polyester resin in styrene monomer. The resin is promoted and Synolite™ 8488-G-2 allows for the production of laminates with relatively short delamination times at excellent levels of polymerization.

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AOC Atlac® 580 AC 250C Urethane-modified vinyl ester resin for vacuum introduction process

Urethane Modified Vinyl Ester Resins for Vacuum Import Processes Atlac® 580 AC 250C resins offer excellent water and heat resistance, as well as good process and cure properties. Characteristic Properties Product Properties Atlac® 580 AC 250C is a pre-promoted, urethane bisphenol A vinyl ester resin with low viscosity and medium reactivity. Typical applications Atlac® 580 AC 250C is suitable for processes such as resin injection and vacuum infusion/RTM. The resin is particularly recommended for the production of fiber-reinforced boats.Atlac® 580 AC 250C has the following properties

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AOC Atlac®430 LV GT250 Vacuum Imported Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin

Standard epoxy vinyl ester resin Atlac® 430 LVGT 250 for vacuum infusion processes produces composite products with excellent mechanical properties and good heat resistance; excellent wettability and flowability in handling processes. Characteristic Properties Product Properties Atlac® 430 LV GT 250 is a styrene solution of a pre-promoted, epoxy bisphenol A vinyl resin with medium reactivity and low viscosity. The Atlac® 430 LV series is available in several gel time versions Atlac® 430 LV GT 50Atlac® 430 LV GT 150 Typical Applications

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