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AOC Palapreg® P 145-01 Pure Unsaturated Polyester Resin with Maleic Acid

Pure Unsaturated Polyester Resin with Maleic Acid for Low Shrinkage Applications Palapreg® P 145-01 is intended for SMC and BMC production. It has good compatibility with low-profile additives and can be used in low-shrinkage SMC/BMC applications for very good surface quality. Molded parts made with Palapreg® P 145-01 show excellent uniform coloration. Advantages Main areas of application Construction and infrastructure, electrical, transportation. Product Specification Attributes Values Units TM Appearance Clear - 2265 Solids 65.5 - 67.

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AOC Palapreg P18-03 SMC/BMC Molding Resin

Chemical/Physical Properties Palapreg P18-03 is an unsaturated polyester resin derived from maleic acid and glycol, dissolved in styrene. The resin has medium viscosity and high reactivity. Primary Applications Palapreg P18-03 is recommended to be formulated with high polymer solutions (e.g., Palapreg H850-01, H852-03, Palapreg H 1080-01, etc.) for the production of low protrusion and Class A applications, as well as high quality, low shrinkage (H814-01) SMC/BMC parts. Formulations based on P18-03 can be used in a wide range of applications with high surface quality, low separation and modified

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AOC PALAPREG® P 17-02 Low Bump Float SMC/BMC Molding Resin

Chemical/Physical Properties Palapreg® P 17-02 is an unsaturated polyester resin derived from phthalic acid and standard ethylene glycol, dissolved in styrene. Palapreg® P 17-02 has medium viscosity and high reactivity. Main applications Palapreg P 17-02 is used in the production of SMC and BMC. It is mainly used with Palapreg polymer components for SMC/BMC applications with low shrinkage or low bulging. The resin is easy to thicken easily by magnesium oxide. Product specification as delivered Attributes Range Units Test method Viscosity, 23°C 1300 &#

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AOC Palapreg® P 133-952 High Gloss Surface SMC/BMC Molding Resin

Palapreg® P 133-952 is a maleic anhydride type unsaturated polyester resin with an excellent surface finish. It is mainly used for products requiring surface quality and gloss, as well as good water/weather resistance. Examples include bathroom products, automotive panels and medical devices. Characteristics and Properties Typical Applications Palapreg® P 133-952 is a resin designed for low-profile and Class A surface SMC formulations. In combination with low shrinkage additives for Class A surfaces, such as H 892-02, high surface quality molded products can be achieved. Product Specifications Performance Values Single

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AOC Palapreg® P 171-909 SMC/BMC o-phenylene-based resin

Palapreg® P 171-909 is an o-phenylene-based SMC/BMC molding resin designed for SMC/BMC production processes. It offers a good price/performance ratio for applications in automotive, electrical and building materials. Typical applications Palapreg® P 171-909 is designed for SMC/BMC production. Palapreg® P 171-909 has good flow properties for normal SMC/BMC products and is more suitable for injection molded BMCs and larger, complex products. Transportation products: Front circumference

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