Mold Resin

AOC Neomould® 1982-W-1 Zero Shrinkage Mold Resin

Zero Shrinkage Mold Resin Neomould® 1982-W-1 is a low volatile, filled, pre-accelerated, styrene-soluble, unsaturated polyester resin with low reactivity, low viscosity, and no shrinkage upon cure. Characteristic properties Neomould® 1982-W-1 has a fast cure in thin layers, low exothermic and zero shrinkage properties, making it ideal for mold making. The special formulation of Neomould® 1982-W-1 makes it easy to handle, quick to wet the fiberglass, and has no sagging properties during application. Moreover, the color of the resin makes it easy to detect air bubbles. It does not stick to the hands after curing and at the same time does not

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