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AOC Neogel® 8575-W-XXXX m-phenylene neopentyl glycol gelcoat

Neogel® 8575-W-XXXX is a m-phenylene neopentyl glycol gelcoat that has been used in a wide range of applications such as sanitaryware, swimming pools, marine, water rides, etc., where higher water and weather resistance is required. Characteristic Properties Neogel® 8575-W-XXXX is a m-phenylene neopentyl glycol gelcoat with excellent all-round properties. It is easy to use and has excellent defoaming and mechanical properties. Its long-term hot water resistance (high resistance to foaming), weatherability (resistance to yellowing) and curing in high humidity environments are particularly outstanding. Usage characteristics Neogel® 8575-W-XXXX is a pre-promoted, thixotropic gelcoat. For the following process types, Ne

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