fumaric acid

AOC Atlac® 382 Powder Abrasive Powder for Bisphenol A Fumarate Polyester

Milling Powder for Bisphenol A Fumarate Polyester Atlac® 382 powder is a milling powder for propoxy bisphenol A fumarate polyester. It is readily soluble in reactive monomer solvents (e.g. styrene) and becomes an unsaturated polyester resin. 50% (w/w) solution of Atlac® 382 powder in styrene is Atlac® 382. (See "Solubilization of Atlac® 382 Powder" for details). Characteristic Properties Typical Applications Atlac® 382 is suitable for most production processes, especially for winding, centrifugal casting, hand gluing and spraying. It can also be used to formulate glass scale coatings and slurries.Atlac® 38

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