United Initiators TAPPI-75-AL tert.Amylperoxypivalate 29240-17-3

Product Information Product Name: TAPPI-75-AL (tert-amyl peroxyisovalerate) Chemical Composition: tert-amyl peroxyisovalerate Form: Liquid CAS No.: 29240-17-3 Main Applications: Used as an initiator (source of free radicals) in the polymerization of monomers (e.g., ethylene), and for the polymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate in conjunction with peroxides that are more thermally stable. Copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Appearance: colorless flowing liquid. Technical Data Appearance: Colorless flowing liquid Peroxide content: approx. 75% w/w Reactive oxygen content: approx. 6.37% w/w Desensitizer: High-boiling aliphatic hydrocarbons (boiling point > 1.5°C).

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tert.Amylperoxypivalate TAPV 29240-17-3

Pivalate peroxypivalate Trade name: Initiator TAPV English name: Tert-Amyl peroxy pivalate Chemical name: Pivalate peroxypivalate Structural formula: Molecular formula: Molecular Weight: C10H20O3 Molecular Weight: 188.3 Theoretical Active Oxygen Quantity: 8.5% CAS: 29240-17-3 UN No. 3113 Level: 5.2 C liquid organic peroxide, temperature controlled transportation. PROPERTY: It is colorless transparent oily liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, freezing point below -23℃. Viscosity (-10℃): 2.1mPa.s

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